How to make Minecraft fun again?.

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Ways to make Minecraft Fun again.

A game that doesn't have any storyline, missions or objectives sounds pretty boring right?. Minecraft may lack those three things that make most games work, but it doesn't need them. Minecraft is essentially virtual Lego where you can do whatever you like within your world, to say the possibilities are endless would be a bit of a lie, but it's not far off. Markus Persson the mastermind behind one of the biggest games of all time has managed to pull of a truly awesome feat by creating Minecraft and I can safely safe I have managed to clock up a lot of hours playing the game. The reason I have created this blog post is because I recently became very bored of the game, due to running out of ideas and not having the skill set to create some of the things that I have seen others pull off, I mean lets be honest If we could never see other peoples builds in photos or videos online Minecraft would have died out a long time ago but because we are constantly seeing other amazing building and creations it spurs us on to create are own better worlds right?. Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition is unfortunately lagging behind the PC version of the game in terms of what you have available to you and the fact that they are endless Mods available on the PC to keep you entertained on the game means that owners of the XBLA version have to just suffer without. I have never played the PC version of the game myself however I have watched more than enough videos on Youtube and Twitch to know that the PC version of Minecraft is far Superior to the Xbox 360 Edition. I hope that these ideas will help you get back into enjoying the wonderful world of Minecraft.

Set yourself a Project.

One of the main reasons I get bored of Minecraft to easy is because I can't stick to a project long enough. When ever I seem to start building something, I decide that I want to build something else and it seems to constantly go on & on and I never seem to get anything proper built. I recently took to creating my own little project in my Minecraft world and for once I have managed to stick to it. I started out with the idea that I would build a Christmas themed world, complete with a Santa's grotto, reindeer's, presents, you get the picture. The thing I found out is that once I had the foundations down and had a rough Idea of where I was going with the world I wanted to create. The game instantly became more fun as each time I loaded the game up I had a purpose and wasn't just aimlessly walking around wasting my time. Simply google cool Minecraft projects or ideas and pick something you would like to do and then stick at it, trust me you will start to fall in love with the game again. If you would also like to create some sort of Christmas winter wonderland check out my other blog post Cool things to build on minecraft Christmas 2013.

Minecraft Mini-Games ideas Xbox 360 Edition.

Minecraft mini games are all the rage these days, it seems that ever single Minecraft Youtuber out there is playing some mini game or another on Minecraft these day. So what are Minecraft mini games?. They are games that you can play within Minecraft itself, to save anymore confusion let me show you some cool Minecraft mini game ideas that you can build and play for the Xbox 360 edition. Most of theses mini games would require you to have access to the online multiplayer however you would be able to play split screen offline, just not sure how much fun some of the games would be.
  • The minecraft Hunger games: If you are familiar with the film The hunger Games you will understand how the game works fairly quickly. To get an idea of what the game is all about check out the Youtube video below this. The Minecraft hunger games on Xbox 360 is a lot of fun If you find a decent game that is set up well and I urge you guys to play it if you haven't already. If like me you don't know someone that has created a hunger games map you can also check out this forum where you will find plenty of people who have created these cool hunger games on the Xbox 360 and are after people to join there games.

  • Mazes: This is another very cool way to enjoy Minecraft on the Xbox 360, and most importantly it is a lot simpler to setup yourself. The game does exactly want it says on the tin really, you create a Maze and challenge yourself and your friends to get out of there, or to a special point within the maze. Once again the forum I mentioned for the Hunger games idea is a great place to find people who have created some epic mazes for you to have a go at so remember to check them out.
minecraft xbox 360 mini game ideas maze
Minecraft Mini-Games Xbox 360 Maze

  •  Minecraft Infected: This is quite possibly one of my favourite Minecraft mini games on the Xbox 360 right now and it really is a must play, I'm not saying the rest aren't cool its just personal preference. The goal of the game is pretty simple; One person starts out as infected, and the rest start as survivors. The goal of the infected person is to kill the survivors. Once a survivor is killed, he re spawns as infected. The infected have unlimited re spawns (this isn't always the case some hosts will have different rules). Once a survivor is infected, he helps infect the rest of the survivors. The last survivor remaining wins. As you can Imagine this game is carnage from start to finish, I can't believe how nervous I was getting over playing Minecraft the very first time I played Infected.
That is all I have for you right now, however there are some many other cool things to do in Minecraft Xbox 360 edition all you have to do is try different things. If you haven't already I strongly urge all of you to go play some of the cool Mini games that people have come up with. I will continue to post ways to make Minecraft on the Xbox 360 fun again as and when I come across cool new things, In the mean time why not let me know in the comment section below if you have any cool Ideas on how to make Minecraft fun again, or why not leave your gamertag and some information about yourself so people can add you on Minecraft and create your own cool worlds together. Hope you enjoyed this post and feel free to share it to the wonderful Minecraft players around the world.

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