Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition: Fantasy Texture pack out now.

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Fantasy Texture Pack out Now For Minecraft on Xbox 360. 

The latest texture pack to hit the hugely popular Xbox Live Arcade game is out now, however this was a huge surprise to most fans of the game as there has been no mention of the new texture pack at all from 4j Studios, that was until a couple of days ago 11th of December 2013 when 4J studios announced on twitter that it would be out today( 11th December). 

The King Of The Texture Packs

The new texture pack is designed to bring you A fantasy medieval kind of feel not only to the world but the user interface too. The new Fantasy texture pack brings you some new blocks and other tools and a complete overhaul to the way the rest of the blocks and the world looks. Not only that but all the animals and MOB's have also been given a medieval makeover with the MOB's sporting helmets on there heads. The main new things added to your Inventory are Glowstones and Torches now turned into medieval style candles. Check out some of the pictures below to see the new texture pack in action.

New Fantasy Texture pack Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition
New style Ore Blocks Miencraft Xbox 360
Showing of the new Candles
As with all other Mincraft DLC on Xbox 360 the Fantasy Texture pack will cost $1 / €0.95 / £0.65!. As always 4J Studios have managed to  provide the community with some awesome new content to keep the game as fresh as possible. Unfortunately there has been no new news of the long awaited title update 14 but I don't expect we will be seeing that for another couple of months yet due to the fact 4J Studios are currently working on finishing the PS3/PS4 version on minecraft plus the Xbox one version as well. Be sure to keep checking back here for more news related to Minecraft, in the mean time why not have a look at the cool things to build in Minecraft Christmas edition post that I made a couple of weeks ago and get your world set up for the festive seasons.

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