The Best world ever built on Minecraft?

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Man spends nearly 5 years creating the best world ever on Minecraft!

Ever wondered what you could create if you actually dedicated 4 and a half years of your life to Minecraft?. Let me introduce you to, The Kingdom of Galekin
Minecraft player, Linard, has spend the last 4 and a half years building his dream Kingdom within Minecraft. The Minecraft player has built the entire world on survival mode which makes it an ever more incredible achievement.

The Kingdom Of Galekin Minecraft's best world?

 Linard's, creation showcases multiple cities all with there own unique style. Not only do all the cities have completely original buildings that the mastermind Linard has thought of himself , from the Docks to the market stalls all the way up to the awesome looking castles, the amazing Minecraft builder has also used the different Biomes to showcase his talents and different styles.

Words don't quite do this world justice so here's a video showcasing exactly what the best world ever build in Minecraft has to offer. 

If the video isn't enough for you, why not download and play in the world yourself, you can find the links to the download on reddit here.


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