Best Xbox live arcade Games of 2012


Xbox live arcade has started 2012 with a bang, there has been so many awesome new games already released, and we are going to run through a few of the best.

1) Trials Evolution - Trials Evolution Review
Trials Evolution was released on to xbox live arcade on the 18th April 2012 costing 1200MSP. Trials Evolutions is the sequel to the much beloved Trials HD which was released in 2009. Trials Evolutions see you become a motor cross rider, as you aim to complete tracks in the quickest time possible earning medals along the way. The game gets allot harder as you find yourself having to manoeuvre over different obstacles to get across the finish line.this game already is a huge contender for Xbox live Arcade game of the year.

Minecraft is the latest game to hit the dashboard, being released on the 8th May for 1600MSP. Minecraft took the PC by storm creating a phenomenon, in which they hope continues in the transfer over to the Xbox live arcade. Minecraft See's you placed in an seamlessly open world, where you must build protection for yourself as monsters and zombies will be coming for you after nightfall so you better be dug in. The endless possibility's in minecraft look set to make this a great game for Time to come.

3) Awesomenauts - IS Awesomenauts worth buying
Awesomenauts was released on 2nd May 2012 for 800MSP. This game ticks all the right boxes when it comes to Arcade classics. It really brings you back to your childhood day of in the arcade throwing all your pocket money into the machine because its so addictive. Well now you can relive your childhood memory's with Awesomenauts. You are a Mercenary who has been hired to Destroy the enemy with the help of your minions, you will try to take down the Enemy's energy core. Once again this game feature online multiplayer making it a truly epic game already.

So there are my Top 3 Xbox live arcade games of 2012 so far. What has been your favourite please let us know, Or for more new games and Xbox live arcade reviews visit

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