Cool things to build in Minecraft : Halloween Special

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Cool Halloween Builds in Minecraft 2016

 Halloween 2016 is fast approaching so we need to look at getting our Minecraft worlds ready for when it comes so we can be ready to spook all of our friends. whether your world is already filled with loads of Minecraft cool builds, or your looking at just starting a new spooky world especially for Halloween 2016, I'm sure there will be a Minecraft cool build idea for you within this post so sit back and enjoy. 

Minecraft Pumpkin cool build idea.

 You can't have a scary Halloween themed Minecraft world without having an awesome pumpkin or two on show, the great thing about pumpkin builds in Minecraft, is that there are some many different blocks you can use to make your Pumpkin as scary and spooky as possible. So without further ado let's look at some cool Minecraft Pumpkin builds that people have already done, so you guys can get some inspiration from it.
Minecraft pumpkin builds
Small cool looking Minecraft Pumpkin build 

cool pumpkin Minecraft build idea
Minecraft pumpkin cool build idea

cool things to build in minecraft pumpkin idea
Minecraft cool pumpkin build

 Minecraft haunted house Cool builds.

Next up on this Cool things to build in Minecraft Halloween special, is haunted houses. The great thing about creating a haunted house in Minecraft for Halloween is you probably wont need to start from scratch. Why not just decorate your already existing cool Minecraft house by kitting it out with all the cool scary halloween objects at your disposal. Lets take a look at some cool looking Minecraft haunted houses as well as some cool ideas for the interior of your haunted Minecraft house.
Minecraft haunted House Ideas

Haunted house cool build in Minecraft

Old spooky Minecraft house build

Minecraft haunted house ideas

spooky Minecraft room 

Minecraft Graveyard cool builds.

We all know the most scary thing about Halloween is the dead coming back to life and hunting us down. To make sure you scare your friends and family the most, a cool Minecraft graveyard is a must, hell why not go the whole hog and build the spooky church to go with it. 
cool things to build in minecraft graveyard
Spooky Minecraft Graveyard build

halloween Minecraft builds
Scary Minecraft church with spooky graveyard

minecraft cool build graveyard
Scary looking tombstones in this cool looking Minecraft graveyard.

Minecraft Witch tower Cool builds

The wicked witch of the west loves to come out to play every Halloween and we all know that she loves to hide out in her witch tower, so we need to get that added if we are to create the ultimate Halloween Minecraft world. With the witch tower you can get super creative, why not make a spooky Forest path that leads to her tower, maybe adding a pond around the tower for her toads to hide away, the possibility of cool things to do when building a cool Minecraft witch tower are endless.lets take a look at some cool builds that people have already made to hopefully give you guys some food for thought. 
Spooky Minecraft witch tower cool build
Spooky Minecraft witch tower cool build

Spooky Minecraft witch tower cool build
Spooky Minecraft witch tower cool build

Spooky Minecraft witch tower cool build
Spooky Minecraft witch tower cool build


That's just a few Cool Minecraft Halloween Ideas for you guys, so you can hopefully go away and create the ultimate  Minecraft scary, spooky world. As always I hope you guys enjoy the post, if you have any cool things to build in Minecraft Ideas, whether its to do with Halloween or not please let everyone know in the comment section below.

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