Minecraft The Movie

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Minecraft set for the Big Screen

Since its launch back in 2011 Minecraft has grown beyond believe, even Markus Persson the creator of Minecraft still can't believe just how much Minecraft has grown over the past 3 years. As a game you know that you have made it when You are in the Simpsons, thats right, The simpsons did a Minecraft parody for the iconic couch scene at the start of an Episode. 

Minecraft is now played by more than 15 million people worldwide on PC, Xbox 360 & PS3 and is even set for release on Xbox One and PS4 in August. Warner Bros look to cash in on the huge success of the massive popular Indie game by creating the Minecraft Movie. Warner Bros, who created the massively successful Lego Movie now want to repletcate it with Minecraft. The lego movie has already raked in over $280 million worldwide since release in the cinema.

Apart for the fact that we knwo there will be a movie created, thats about all we know yet. No storyline has been confirmed, no actors signed up nothing of the sort yet, but one things for certain I will be watching it when it launches, will you?. Also tell me in the comment section below what you would like to see in the Minecraft Movie.

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