Cool things to do in minecraft 2016!!

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Cool things to do in minecraft when Bored

They're so many Cool things to do in Minecraft, regardless of whether your on Xbox 360 or Xbox One. Minecraft is one of those games that you can start playing and before you know it 4 hours have passed, but what happens when you run out of Ideas?. Minecraft is the ultimate heaven when your creative juices are flowing as it allows you to create pretty much anything your heart can desire, however sometimes you just simple cant think of something to build or do and need some inspiration, that's where this blog post comes in handy. Lets give you some Cool Minecraft Ideas.

Cool Minecraft House builds

The most popular thing that Minecraft players do is build houses, where else are you going to hide from those annoying creepers right?. Now if your like me building a house in Minecraft can be difficult. The problem I face is that although my house has four walls and a roof it looks like something a 2 year old has put together, that's why I take to the Internet to find some inspiration and ideas on Cool Minecraft house builds, here's a few creations that I like below.

cool Minecraft Dirt house 

cool Minecraft Dirt house ideas

Cool Minecraft House Build

Cool Minecraft House Build

minecraft minigames

Minecraft Minigames arena

Minecraft Minigames are by far the best thing that every came out of Minecraft. Back when Minecraft was first launched on Xbox 360, people used to go around creating different Minecraft minigames that they could play with there friends. Since the launch there has been many updates but the most recent which came out in June brought with it a whole new feature. Minecraft xbox 360 and Xbox One Edition now has it's very own Minigame section on the main menu. The brand new Minegame section allows you to create and join other Xbox Live player and play in battles on maps that have been created by 4J Studios. The great thing about the new Minigame section is its completely free. The new Minecraft Minigame section is really good definitely worth being mentioned in the cool things to do on Minecraft post.

To join on line Minigames on Minecraft you will still need to be an Xbox Live gold member, and if that is something that's stopping you from enjoying this new feature they're still some pretty cool Minigames that you can create on your own to enjoy : See my post Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Mini Game Ideas

Cool Minecraft roller coaster Builds. 

Why run and walk around your world when you could be chilling in a Minecart travelling from area to area within your Minecraft world. You can easily create Cool Minecraft roller coaster builds, why not send it underground, have it run into TNT at the end, have it run around the map going past or even through some of your Cool builds. Check out the Youtube video below of some cool Minecraft roller coaster builds.
A few more things to do when Bored on Minecraft. 
  • Kill every Mob at least once
  • Collect a full stack of Diamonds (64)
  • Kill the enderdragon
  • Survive the night on hard with only wooden weapons
  • Ride a pig
  • Create your own wolf army 
  • Start a new game and try to find a diamond within 5 minutes of starting
  • Start a forest fire 
  • Try and get the best enchantments for all your equipment
  • Have your very own firework display
These are just a few ideas on Cool things to do on Minecraft in 2016, I will keep adding to this post keeping it up to date with new stuff to keep you busy so make sure to keep your eyes peeled.  If you've not had enough Minecraft content why not check out my other recent cool build post below:

Cool things to build in Minecraft Xbox 360/Xbox One


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