Cool things to Build in Minecraft Xbox 360 edition (Christmas Special.)

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Cool Christmas Themed Minecraft Builds.

With Christmas 2013 fast approaching, I thought I would create this post to hopefully give all you guys out there some Ideas on what to build in Minecraft in the run up to Christmas, so lets begin.
christmas cool builds minecraft xbox 360
Xmas fireplace Minecraft Xbox 360 edition
cool minecraft christmas build
House with Santa on the roof Minecraft Xbox 360 edition

cool christmas build minecraft
Minecraft Xbox 360 edition Christmas tree
Santa & his reindeer Minecraft Xbox 360

minecraft xbox 360 christmas snowman
Cool Minecraft Xbox 360 Build- Christmas snowman

There's just a few things that you can build in the run up to Christmas to give your Minecraft world a truly awesome looking Xmas feel. Got any ideas on great Christmas themed things to build in Minecraft?. Why not let us know what they are in the comment section below.

Minecraft Skyrim Edition coming to Xbox Live Arcade November 20th

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Minecraft Skyrim Edition out November 20th

4J Studios have finally announced that the highly anticipated Skyrim DLC for Minecraft will be arriving on Xbox Live arcade on the 20th November. The DLC which will cost just $3.99/€3.79/£2.69 is an absolute steal for any game loving fans. So if the fact that the biggest selling Xbox live arcade game of all time is doing a mash-up with one of the biggest selling console games of all time isn't enough to convince you to buy this awesome looking DLC, then this video that 4J Studios created should be enough to tip you over the edge.

To find out what else is coming to Minecraft in this DLC be sure to check out my other post here. Let me know in the comment section below what you are looking forward to most in the new Skyrim mash-up DLC

Skyrim Mash-up pack Coming to Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition.

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Minecraft Skyrim DLC coming soon to XBLA.

 4J Studios have pulled out all the stops by teaming up with Bethesda Softworks to bring the fans of the biggest selling Xbox live arcade game a DLC worth buying. At this years Minecon, Mojang and 4J Studios made the announcement that got the Minecraft (XBLA) community buzzing. There has been no news as to when the DLC will be available to buy yet, however I am certain it's not far away. The new Skyrim DLC for Minecraft will cost just $3.99/£2.69/€3.79, which is a bargain for what you're getting.
Skyrim DLC coming soon to Minecraft Xbox 360 edition

What's Included in the Minecraft Skyrim Mash-up?.

The Skyrim mash-up DLC will give you a new Skyrim related texture pack that will once selected automatically update both new and saved maps. Also available with the brand new texture pack you will have an option of over 40 new Skyrim character Skins which are: Dragonborn (male), Dragonborn (female), Ancano, Elenwen, Argonian Fighter, Argonian Mage, Bosmer Archer, Bosmer Mage, Breton Mage, Forsworn Shaman, Dunmer Mage, Dunmer Assassin, Imperial Soldier, Vex, Khajiit Merchant, Stormcloak Soldier, Lydia, Orc Blacksmith, Orc Warrior female, Nazir, Saadia, Vampire Lord, Isran, Astrid, Aela the Huntress, M’aiq the Liar, Greybeard, Frost Troll, Flame Atronach, Dragon Priest, Hagraven, Draugr Deathlord, Sheogorath, Spriggan, Dwarven Centurion, Wispmother, Dremora Lord, Master Necromancer, Vilkas, Orc Warrior Male.
minecraft xbox live arcade skyrim skin pack
New Skyrim character Skins for Minecraft Xbox live arcade. #Whiterun
 Other cool things coming to the latest Minecraft DLC include a new pre-built world that will have some of the Iconic features that we have falling in love with on Skyrim, including places like Whiterun Riverwood and Bleak falls Barrow. If that wasn't enough The DLC will also include over 20 original Skyrim Soundtracks, just to really get you in the mood to build some epic structures.
minecraft xbox 360 dlc bleak falls barrow
Bleak Falls Barrow, Skyrim DLC for Minecraft XBLA.

 As If this DLC didn't offer enough value for money, the user interface with change into an Skyrim style theme just in case you forget what your playing, looks pretty sick if I do say so myself.

Minecraft :Skyrim Edition For Xbox 360
Be sure to check back for more information on when the DLC will be coming out and in the mean time why not let me know in the comments below what Skyrim related things you intend on building when the DLC arrives.

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