Minecraft The Movie

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Minecraft set for the Big Screen

Since its launch back in 2011 Minecraft has grown beyond believe, even Markus Persson the creator of Minecraft still can't believe just how much Minecraft has grown over the past 3 years. As a game you know that you have made it when You are in the Simpsons, thats right, The simpsons did a Minecraft parody for the iconic couch scene at the start of an Episode. 

Minecraft is now played by more than 15 million people worldwide on PC, Xbox 360 & PS3 and is even set for release on Xbox One and PS4 in August. Warner Bros look to cash in on the huge success of the massive popular Indie game by creating the Minecraft Movie. Warner Bros, who created the massively successful Lego Movie now want to repletcate it with Minecraft. The lego movie has already raked in over $280 million worldwide since release in the cinema.

Apart for the fact that we knwo there will be a movie created, thats about all we know yet. No storyline has been confirmed, no actors signed up nothing of the sort yet, but one things for certain I will be watching it when it launches, will you?. Also tell me in the comment section below what you would like to see in the Minecraft Movie.

Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Mini Game Ideas

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Minecraft Mini Games on the Xbox

Are you looking for some new Mini games that you can play either by yourself or with your Friends on Minecraft Xbox 360 edition?. If so you have come to the right place, let me give you a few ideas to get you started.


This is probably one of the most played Minecraft mini games of all time. For all of you that are unaware of what the Mini game spleef is let me explain. Spleef see you and any number of players stand on an elevated platform usually above lava (but it can be water or anything for that matter) you have the task of trying to make the other players fall of the platform into what ever is waiting for them below, by destroying the blocks underneath them. The rules are simple, you can only destroy blocks below you and once you fall from the arena you are out of that round or game completely. Usually you can't place blocks within the arena while you are playing however some hosts may allow it. The great think about Spleef is that they are many different variations of the game and it is so exciting when you get going.

One of the other great things about this Minecraft Mini game is that it is incredible easy to set up. Check out these images below for a idea of some Spleef arenas.

Lava Spleef arena Minecraft Xbox 360 edition
cool Lava Spleef on Minecraft

 Rainbow Runner

Rainbow Runner mini game in minecraft has to be one of the coolest looking mini games I have ever seen. Rainbow runner is a game where you must dodge the oncoming coloured blocks that are coming towards you, much like the game guitar hero. The game works with clever redstone pistons that constantly fire out Colour blocks. This is defiantly one of the more challenging Minecraft Mini games however once set up, it will be the envy of all your friends. Check this Youtube video out below to see Rainbow Runner in action

Leap of Faith

Leap of faith is another easy to build Minecraft mini game idea, and is a nice little game to play with your friends. Leap of Faith is a game in which you build a diving board as high into the sky as the game will allow, you then jump of and have to try and land in the 1 square pool at the bottom. This is a lot harder than you think and can become frustrating especially when your friend goes and does it first time. If you intend on building this make sure you have the water in the pool deep enough so that you don't die when you finally land in it. 

This is just 3 Minecraft mini game ideas that you can build in Minecraft Xbox 360 edition, there are many more and I will be covering more in future posts so make sure to keep your eyes peeled, also check out how to make Minecraft fun again, where I covered a few other Minecraft Mini game ideas

Got a cool Mini game Idea that you want to share with me?. Why not share it in the comment section below.

Cool things to build in Minecraft this February

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cool things to make in minecraft xbox this February

Minecraft Xbox 360 edition has not had a update for quite sometime now meaning that quite a few people are starting to grow bored of the game and are looking for something new to be doing in Minecraft. This post will hopefully give you guys some cool ideas on what you can make on Minecraft that you might not of thought of before, also remember to check out my post on How to make Minecraft fun again as you will see a few cool Minecraft Mini games that you could create and play with your mates.

Minecraft Building Ideas for Xbox 360

Parkour Minecraft Xbox 360
One of the most popular things to do in Minecraft this days is to build parkour maps. What is parkour I hear you ask. For those that aren't familiar with the term parkour it is a type of free running that has become hugely popular around the world today, one of the main reasons parkour works so well in Minecraft Xbox 360 edition is because of the fact that it can be quite challenging and risky. When building a parkour course there are a few things that you have to remember and they are that you can only jump a maximum of 4 blocks while sprinting and with that you have to take into consideration whether the blocks are rising or not. To get some inspiration and a general Idea of what a parkour map can look like check out this video below.

Minecraft Mini-Games 

I am not going to talk about this one to much because I already covered it in a previous post, however Minecraft Mini-games on the Xbox 360 have become massive today. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't get invited into some Hunger games map or other Mini-game. I will make a new post soon covering a few more of the cool popular Mini-games that people around the world are playing these days.

Redstone cool creations Minecraft Xbox 360

Redstone is something that I stayed away from for a long time purely because I didn't understand how it works that well. Recently I started to get to grips with how the mechanics really work and I have to say I am now having some serious fun with Redstone, it has defiantly kept me nice and entertained over the past few weeks, however I don't think I will ever be good enough to create some of the things I have seen people make in Minecraft with redstone. check out this video below giving you some cool redstone ideas for Minecraft Xbox 360 edition.

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